Mashhad's refah four star hotel

Mashhad's refah four star hotel is one of the most luxurious and modern hotels close to the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza, on an area of 1,640 square meters on Imam Reza Street, with 18,700 square meters of infrastructure and large and spacious rooms. Easy access to the airport (20 minutes), terminal of bus station (10 minutes), railway station (15 minutes), bus station (5 minutes), subway (8 minutes) is another advantage of the hotel.

This hotel is built on 16 floors and with 9 residental and 4 parking floors, it has 114 different residental room..
the roof garden of hotel is exist on the ninth floor, with a beautiful environment overlooking to visit the holy shrine of Imam Reza , creates an indescribable memory for the guests by providing a beautiful image of the imam reza holy shrine.
Other facilities in hotel include: restaurant, traditional restaurant, coffee shop, terrace,water and sports complex, water complex, spa , air conditioning system, free high-speed internet, IPTV, game net, taxi service.
Refah four star Hotel, with skilled management and personnel, is ready to serve the pilgrims and tourists with the highest quality ..

Mashhad annually hosts more than 30 million pilgrims, tourists from all over the world. Also, more than 60% of the country''s residental capacity is located in this city. Four Star Hotel of refah is proud that thecomplex has been operating since 21/03/2018 and is now serving government agencies and tourists with experienced staff.